Daniel Kötter

Desert View

discursive project (2016) and film (2018)

***film in post-production***

Daniel Kötter / Constanze Fischbeck

Desert View

Desert View initiated by the theatre and filmmakers Constanze Fischbeck and Daniel Kötter explores residential formats in Madinaty, a new town in the desert, 30km outside of Cairo.  The film is the result of a four week long „residency“ experiment, where both the filmmakers and the three-generation family Barakat from Cairo’s informal settlement Bashtil, became temporary residents of Madinaty. Equipped with their own cameras, professional ones and low-fi mobile phones, both „teams“ analyzed from their own perspectives architecture, space, time and every day life style, representing Egypt’s middle and upper class Desert Dreams. A collaborative film on the use of space.