Daniel Kötter


Installation/Experimental Film

Daniel Kötter
experimental film | installation | performance
HD, 11'
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 · 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Laboratorium, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski
Jazdów 2, Warszawa
A potentially endless self-reproducing mechanism referencing the white cube, the relations between production process and presentation, the network of art production and valorisation, Vernissage is at the same time the intimate story of an old man, looking at his own immediate and ephemeral past, leaving behind visual and audible traces.
"A vernissage (varnishing, from French) is a term used for a preview of an art exhibition, often private, before the formal opening. (...) At official exhibitions, artists, in the past, would give a finishing touch to their works by varnishing them. The custom of patrons and the élite of visiting the Academies during the varnishing day prior to the formal opening of the exhibition gave rise to the tradition of celebrating the completion of an art work or a series of art works with friends and sponsors."
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Daniel Kötter takes on the role of director, filmmaker, researcher or composer to relate to the issues of the art system in the public sphere, to what is the network of actors which activate the understanding and role of images, institutions and artistic practice. His structural approach in filmmaking and photography broadens the understanding of documentary and it is a constant investigation of modes of perception through which the public can explore the limitations of genre-specific habits of narration in theatre, cinema and museum.
In March and April 2011 Daniel Kötter has been a resident at a-i-r laboratory in CCA Ujazdowski Castle. 
Vernissage (Frame Analysis 1) is the first staging of a new cycle of works devoted to architecture, media and communication framing of contemporary work-related practices both in everyday life and in art.